About Me

Hey everyone I’m Chelsi, a Senior Journalism major studying at Howard University. I love fashion more than the average person, and I know that my style is unique. Sewing and designing clothes are more than just a hobby, they’re like a way of life. I love doing and learning about my own hair just as much as I enjoy all things fashion. I’m still figuring out how to take care of my own hair and I would love for you all to come on the journey with me. In addition to tho two things, I find myself wandering to the makeup tags on Youtube and Instagram so don’t be surprised if you see a few posts  about it. Food is another major category I am very passionate about, I love it almost more than anything else on the planet, so if you see it on this blog I’ve either cooked it myself or ordered it from a restaurant. Last but not least I love my family the most, they’re the center of my world and if you can’t handle me posting about them then oh well 🙂
I hope you all enjoy seeing the world through my eyes!

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